Custom solutions

Creating a Custom Solution for Your Project

It starts with your project vision.

Whether it's about a major construction build, creating an art installation, looking for doors and windows for a building project, designing a product, or simple batch painting or cleaning services, we approach each powder coating project individually and with care.

When you contact us, we will request the information we need to be able to engage in a collaborative discussion and then ultimately quote on, produce and deliver the end-product on-time and on-spec.

What industries do we serve?

  • Product manufacturing.

  • Furniture design.

  • Architects.

  • Builders.

  • Automotive.

  • Building manufacturing.

  • Art installations.

What size projects can we handle?

Whether you have a single specialty project or need tens of thousands of feet of custom finished extrusions, we can handle your project.

Our one-stop shop works for your – saving you time and money.

One of the significant advantages customers benefit from is the wide range of service we have under one roof:

  • High volume production powder coating (capable of 20'Lx 4'W x 6'H) with rapid colour change capabilities

  • Continuous batch painting line (capable of 20'L x 4'W 6'H).

  • Cleaning (Metal, Plastic) on dedicated production lines.

  • Non-destructive testing.

  • Magnetic particle inspection line.

  • Industry leading quality control.

  • State-of-the art high definition decorative finish process.

It's easy enough to get started.

Whether you're ready to start today or are just gathering inspiration, Give us a call for a no-risk discussion of how we can provide a custom solution for your project.