Why use a wood grain finished metal instead of real wood?

Visualize a photograph of a piece of natural grain that is placed on a transfer material. To create a faux wood grain, a coat of powder is applied to a metal substrate and semi-baked. The custom wood grain film is applied and vacuumed to remove air trapped between the powder and the film. Next, a final bake of the combined system is performed to facilitate the perfect decorative coating fuse. The dyes on the transfer film then sublimate, infusing the grain pattern into the powder film and a custom finish coating results.

Why wood grain powder coating instead of real wood?

The benefits of using a wood grain powder coating on metal instead of real wood are significant. In addition to being virtually identical to the 'real thing', the metal option is:

  • Eco-friendly, saving on waste and avoiding harsh pollutants

  • Durable

  • Durable

  • Humidity and UV resistant

  • Easily and efficiently reproduced

  • Applicable to nearly any shape or form

Where is this technique typically used ?

The applications are endless. Virtually anywhere you can imagine using real wood, you can replace it with powder coated aluminium.

  • Windows (aluminium extrusions)

  • Doors and Garage Doors

  • Commercial Ceiling Systems

  • Store Fixtures – Shelves, Displays, Countertops

  • Awnings

  • Decks and Railings (extrusion)

  • Sunrooms and Enclosures

Coatings are available in virtually any colour or design. Our faux wood grain effects easily enhance the appearance of your architectural elements.